About Us

Experts in Innovation, Experts in Trust

The Company

We are a company of innovation and vanguard, dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution, export and import of surgical and medical products of high quality.

Our Commitment

At Pampamed SRL we work to market our products, providing a personalized and excellent service to patients and their families, as well as professionals, institutions and health companies.

Our Team

Our work modality is based on the synergy of interdisciplinarity.

Our team is made up of a wide variety of professionals with the same objective: Innovation and High Quality Vanguard. Doctors – Bioengineers – Pharmacists – Industrial Designers – Mechanical Engineers – Electronic Engineers – System Analysts – Software Developers and Applications – Graphic Designers – Accountants – Trademark and Patent Attorneys – Foreign Trade Specialists – Administrative.

We bet on the progress of medicine

We develop innovative products and solutions

Our commitment to research allowed us to develop over the years:Safe and effective medical technology.

Innovative products that adapt to the diversity of people and their conditions.

Minimally invasive solutions that allow rapid recovery of the patient.

Outstanding team of professional researchers.

Our team of researchers and advisors responds to the diverse needs that arise in the market. We listen to the demands made by doctors and their patients, and we strive to develop solutions that meet their needs.